Sunday, 18 September 2016

Abstract Autumn Trees

With autumn just a few days away, and National Tree Day coming up, I thought I would try this simple look. I wasn't in the mood to do free hand art trees today. haha

I painted my nails with one coat of Vintage Boutique from Avon and then added the striping tape for the trunk and branches of the trees. I then added a coat of Bianco White Tip from Borghese to help the fall coloured leaves show up better. I then did a sponge gradient with Rimmel's Sage All The Rage, China Glaze's Solar Power and Avon's Coral Beat and Cherry Jubilee.

I hope these will last at least until Thursday because I have a special Tree Speak ceremony at a special willow tree here in the city to attend. We will also be feasting our sacred items that day because of the equinox. Here's hoping the weather and everything goes well for that special day!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Gold French Tips

Had another weekly challenge from the ladies at Nail Art Nation, this week: French Tips. I thought I would give the new french tip stickers I purchased from AVON a try. I went with the rounded curve pattern. It certainly makes my nails look very long. I like that. hehe

I need to get a new camera, mine has stopped working. I had to borrow a friend's to take this shot. Maybe I'll get one for my birthday. Anyway, hopefully I can keep using this camera in the meantime.

Polishes used: AVON's ridge filling base coat, followed by two coats of their Barefoot Beige, the golden tips are Sally Hansen's Golden-I and topped off with the wonderful Seche Vite! I love that top coat, fast drying as the name indicates and loads of shine!

Friday, 5 August 2016


The nail art challenge for last week was Waterfall nails for the Nail Art Nation community.  I had not actually done this look before and was happy to give it a try.

I thought the blue waterfall would look nice on a pale yellow background, so I used Nubar's Yellow Primrose for the base colour. I must say this is a very weak, streaky polish and needs two good thick coats or three thin ones at least to look decent.

The blue waterfall streaks are created using Sally Hansen's The Real Teal, Avon's Vintage Blue, Aqua Fantasy, Blue Water Lillies and Stunning Cobalt.

Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Zig Zag Gradient

Well, it's almost been a year since I have posted anything. Life got in the way. My camera stopped working, but for some reason started working again not that long ago. I have no idea why. I guess it's Karma. haha

I also rather lost interest in nail art for some time, probably due to life issues. Anyway, here we go with this very simple, somewhat summery nail art design. I used Avon's French Tip White for the base colour. Placed some striping tape in zigzag patterns then sponged over top with a combination of Luxe Lavender and Jade, again both by Avon. Then pulled the tape off as soon as the sponging was done. It is best to pull that tape off before your polish dries to prevent mishaps.

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Thursday, 2 April 2015

Healthy Hoof - Naked Nails

I bought Healthy Hoof by Gena from Nail Polish Canada which I received in the mail a couple of days ago. It is an intensive protein treatment that is supposed to moisturize and nourish nails and cuticles. It said it will heal splitting, peeling nails, so I am hoping this will help me out.

The directions are to massage into nails and cuticles daily. I have been doing this for three days now on my naked nails. I figure this would work best without any polish on at all. I plan to do this for at least 7 days, maybe 10 to give my nails a chance for this to work. I doubt this will stop the damage that is already there, but it may help to nourish the new nail growth, which hopefully won't split and peel anymore. I stopped pushing my cuticles back about nine months ago, as I had read that doing that can create brittleness and damage to your nails. I honestly believe it has been helping, as my nails are not peeling as much as they use to. So now I am trying to be more active with moisturizing my cuticles and hands in general.

The product seems good and absorbs nicely into the skin and nail. I had just applied it a few minutes before taking this photo this morning. I am happy with the product so far. Maybe if I'm super lucky it'll help reduce the ridges on my nails that are so obvious in this photo. ;-)

Saturday, 28 March 2015

Lily of the Valley

I have so many nail art ideas I want to try and this has been one of them. I know where I live it will be a few months before the leaves start to grow and the flowers start to bloom, but I can still paint it on my nails.
I did a sponge gradient to represent spring and then painted the lily of the valley plants and bell flowers over top.
The sponge gradient was done using Avon's Sweet Mint and Vintage Blue. The lily of the valley plants were made with Avon's Garden Green and French White Tip.