Friday, 23 November 2012

Groovy Flowers

One of my first attempts at nail art. The base colour is Avon's Sweet Mint. The flowers are done with Avon's Luxe Lavender and Viva Pink. The white dots are Borghese's Bianco White Tip. I used toothpicks to make the flowers and dots, as I just do this at home as a hobby and don't have any professional tools.

I have a lot of fun doing nail art and will try to post the pictures of what I have done on a regular basis. I will also post any links for how-to-videos or where I got my idea from if it wasn't my own. 

I don't have any formal artistic training. I am not a professional nail artist. I did do some basic nail art back in the 80's when I was a teenager on my own nails, but that was very minor stuff like dots. 

My tools are very basic things found around the house, such as toothpicks, used coffee cups, used pie tins, masking tape, etc...  So anyone can get started without needing to buy proper tools. It's a great way to reduce and reuse and it's very frugal. :-)

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