Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Silver Dream

Okay, you know you are obsessed with something when you dream about it.(lol) I honestly wake up occasionally with new nail designs that I literally dreamed. I then run to the computer and do my best to re-create the look in my paint program to try out later. This is one of those designs. It is very simple to do.

I started out with a base colour of Starry Sky by Avon and then did a couple of swipes of Cotton Candy from one edge toward the bottom middle. I followed that with a swipe from the opposite side in Aqua Fantasy by Avon and slightly overlapped the pink at the bottom middle. I let the colours dry in between coats and needed to use a couple of coats of the more sheerer polishes.

My nails were a little short at the time and I thought this would be a good design to use on them.

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