Friday, 30 November 2012

Stargate (SG1) Nails

My friend is a huge Stargate fan, so I made this set for her. The base colour is Avon's Absinthe. I used Avon's Licorice to make the Earth symbol. Avon's Venus, Real Red and Forbidden Fudge were used for the Stargate Dialer. For the SG1 Stargate, I used Avon's Starry Sky, Gunmetal, Golden Vision and Cosmic Blue. (The middle of the Stargate watery surface appears to have a white dot in the middle, but that is just the flash reflecting. Looks good though, but I didn't do that detailed of a job.) Teal'c's forehead tattoo symbol was done in Golden Vision and Venus.

I am having a lot of fun painting these artificial nails. :-D

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