Sunday, 30 December 2012

Bright Plaid

 Well, this is my first attempt at doing plaid nails. I wanted to do something nice and bright. I am not totally happy with how they turned out as the lines are crooked, but this is a learning process, so hopefully I'll get better at doing these. I used a piece of thread which I painted with the polish to do the smaller, thinner lines and that only seemed to work as a guideline, as it created a very light line. It also took me a  few attempts to learn that the polish was blobbing on the thread and I had to thin it out. Hopefully, I'll improve with practice and time.
The colours I used for this were Avon's Fuschia, Sunshine, Coral Beat and Licorice.

This is the picture tutorial I followed to do these:

Monday, 24 December 2012

Christmas Marble

 Well, one thing about marbling your nail polish is that you never know what you are going to get for a final result. I was surprised my middle fingernail turned out striped like a candy cane, it's kind of neat looking, though.
The colours I used for this effect were Avon's White French Tip, Real Red and Green Goddess. Well, I wish everyone who celebrates a Merry Christmas and everyone else happiness and peace of mind. Enjoy the holidays.

Wednesday, 19 December 2012

Purple Romance Nails

 My friend gave me these sets of gems from Gem Chic to use when doing my nail art. So, I used some of them on this set.
 I got this idea from a journal cover, which was done in pink, but I thought I'd do it in purples. The base colour is Avon's Romance and the other colours are Avon's French White Tip and Orchid Splash.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Calla Lilies

 The Calla Lilies were done with Avon's Barefoot Beige, French White Tip and Cherry Jubilee. The base colours for the nails were Avon's Coral Beat, Sunshine, Lagoon, Noir Emerald and Tropical Punch.

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mosaic Effect Nails

 I got the idea for these nails from the cosmetic bag I have (pictured), that I got from Avon. I do believe the bag is called Mosaic Effect.

 I used Avon's Absinthe, Lucky Penny, Ruby Slipper and Cosmic Blue to do the sponge gradient effect under the mosaic polish. It was very difficult to do the gradient on these nails as they kept sticking to the sponge. Messy work. haha
After the gradient layer dried, I added one thin coat of Avon's Plum Illusion mosaic effect polish to finish off the look. I like the effect of the gradient under the mosaic cracked finish.

I learned that I will need a better way to do the gradient look on artificial nails, as the sponge was difficult to use. I also learned I would have been better off using brighter more contrasting colours under the mosaic, as the blue was too similar a colour to the purple top layer. I will know better for next time. :-)

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. Because of you, I have had over 100 views and I can hardly believe it as I just recently started this blog. Thank you for sharing an interest in Nail Art and I hope you have found ideas here that you can use. I would like to thank my friend for letting me paint her artificial nails, which has provided me with hours of fun and creativity. I would also like to thank Teresa, my Avon Representative for all her support and encouragement. Thanks again, all of you for the happiness you give me through simply taking a peek at my posts. :-)

Monday, 10 December 2012

Russian Folk Art Nails

 I have wanted to do a set of these nails for some time now, and thanks to my friend letting me paint her artificial nails, I finally got the chance. The base colour is Avon's Licorice. The poppy flowers are done with Avon's Real Red and French White Tip and Green Goddess for the leaves. The abstract flowers are done with Avon's French White Tip, Green Goddess, Viva Pink and I mixed Sunshine with Coral Beat for the lighter, brighter orange colour.
 The birds were done with Avon's French White Tip, Art Orange, the orange mix of Sunshine and Coral Beat, as well as Jade. I used a couple of top coats to create a nice shine.

Saturday, 8 December 2012

Glitter French Tip Party Nails

These nails were very easy to make. The base colour is Avon's Sumptuous Rose which is from their Suede collection. I was very impressed with this polish because when I applied the first coat to the nails, I didn't do the best job and was expecting to do a second coat. I let the first coat dry and when I returned to do the second coat it wasn't needed at all. The polish dried beautifully and gave a gorgeous finish.

I then added Avon's Sparkling Plum Glitter nail polish as a french tip. I like the contrast of the matte finish polish with the glitter. The picture doesn't do them justice, they look great. I guess I need to learn to take better pictures. >.<

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Christmas Things Nails

 I made some Christmas nails for my friend. These have Avon's Ruby Slipper for the main colour. Other colours used were Avon's Noir Emerald, French White Tip, Sweet Mint, Barefoot Beige, Cherry Jubilee, Starry Sky, Golden Vision, and Licorice.

 For this set I used Avon's Noir Emerald for the base colour. The other colours include Avon's Starry Sky, Gunmetal, Golden Vision,  Licorice(for the hard to see wire of the Christmas lights), French White Tip, Real Red, Barefoot Beige and Aqua Fantasy.
 I tried to do a variety of Christmas items and she can wear them one hand red, the other green or mix every other finger with the alternating colours, whatever she would like. I also thought I would include a picture of the Nailene artificial nails that are being used and the Avon packs of gems that are on the tree, wreath and lights.
I learned that black doesn't show up very well on the dark green so it is hard to see the Christmas light wire on the small nail, but I thought those gems were perfect to do the lights, great colours and shape to them.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Blue Dream Nails

This is yet another design that I dreamt. This look is very easy to do. I used Avon's Lagoon and their Suede Blue Royal which has a gorgeous matte finish, but I had to put top coat on this to help hold the gems in place and that created the glossy look. The gems were from Avon's Nail Art. I used cheap scotch tape to make the straight line between the blues and ripped it off as soon as I was done painting for the best results.

Mini Blog Post

My friend kindly gave me the rest of her artificial nail pack to paint, because I was having so much fun doing them. When she saw the Tie Dye nails I did on this blog, she asked me to do her a set using the same colours, so this is how they turned out.