Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Mosaic Effect Nails

 I got the idea for these nails from the cosmetic bag I have (pictured), that I got from Avon. I do believe the bag is called Mosaic Effect.

 I used Avon's Absinthe, Lucky Penny, Ruby Slipper and Cosmic Blue to do the sponge gradient effect under the mosaic polish. It was very difficult to do the gradient on these nails as they kept sticking to the sponge. Messy work. haha
After the gradient layer dried, I added one thin coat of Avon's Plum Illusion mosaic effect polish to finish off the look. I like the effect of the gradient under the mosaic cracked finish.

I learned that I will need a better way to do the gradient look on artificial nails, as the sponge was difficult to use. I also learned I would have been better off using brighter more contrasting colours under the mosaic, as the blue was too similar a colour to the purple top layer. I will know better for next time. :-)

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