Thursday, 31 January 2013

Vintage Luggage Stamps

 I have had this idea rolling around in my head for some time now, and I am so happy with how they turned out! Trying to write those tiny letters was quite difficult. I wanted to make a variety of stickers from different locations around the world. This was so much fun to do.
 Thought I would offer another picture of these from a slightly different angle to see the writing a little clearer.

I used Revlon's Sheer Nude for the base colour and Avon's Bare Necessity for the stripes on the luggage.
All the other colours used for the stamps were Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow, Revlon's Sheer Rose, and Avon's Licorice, French White Tip, Jade, Real Red, Lagoon, Midnight Blue, Cosmic Blue, Rose Gold, Barefoot Beige and Vintage Boutique.

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Lady Bugs

 Well, this is the last of the sets of nails that I was doing for my friend. She loves ladybugs so I made her a set of those. I must have forgotten to put on the macro setting on my camera so the nails are a little out of focus. I just tried to make a variety of ladybugs in different poses.

The main colour for these nails was Ballerina by Avon, which is a sheer polish, so it took a few coats. The ladybugs are done in Avon's Real Red, Licorice and French White Tip. The stalks and leaves are done in Sweet Mint also by Avon.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

Purple Suede with Silver Detail

 I apologize, because I usually wait until I have cleaned the polish around my nails off better before I photograph them. However, something in me said, "Photograph them now." I did and it's a good thing because I have discovered the Avon Suede polishes that I have tried chip really easily and fast. So this was the only chance I got to have pictures of this look.
The polishes used for this design were Avon's Suede Soft Violet and Starry Sky.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Terrific Toesday!

It's a very chilly Toesday morning here today in Thunder Bay with a temperature of -36C and a wind chill of -43C. Lots of fun. So, I have some fairly bright and cheerful polishes I am sampling on my toes.

The pinky toe is Nail Treats' Orange Orange. Next to that we have Barelements in Grey. The middle toe is done in Emerald Green by Nail Treats. Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow is the next one. Finally, Revlon's Provoke on the big toe. These are colours that I have been after for a while. I needed a pale yellow, a peach, a medium green and a darker grey than I already had. I didn't have any neon colours so I grabbed the Orange Orange as it was nice and inexpensive at the Bargain Shop.

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Venus Splatter

 This is my first attempt at using plastic food wrap to create a splatter look. I wanted to use nice elegant, wintery, dark colours for this, so I started off with Avon's Venus for the base colour. I then used Avon's Emerald Noir and Night Violet for the splatter effect. I like the look of these nails and this method is very easy to do. This method reminds me of the sponge effect for decorating walls. 
Here is the tutorial I followed to create this look:

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Yorkshire Pups

 My friend has a Yorkie, so I thought she would like a set of nails done with them. I made little dog prints and some bone shaped dog biscuits. I did a couple of different Yorkies, one with it's ears clipped and one without, as her dog does not have his ears clipped. I did not use a top coat on these because I liked the effect of the dog hair and the top coat would have smoothed it out and ruined the effect.
Avon's Vintage Blue was the polish I used for the main colour on all the nails. The paw prints were done in Avon's Forbidden Fudge and the biscuits were done using Avon's Bare Necessity. The little doggie faces used Avon's Barefoot Beige, Forbidden Fudge and Pastel Pink (which I forgot to photograph-sorry).

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Terrific Toesday!

This week's polish is Nail Treats in Purple Glitter. This is loaded with glitter in a clear polish, so it will be great to put overtop other polishes.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

My Friend's Astrology

 My friend requested a set of astrology nails, so I made these for her. First of all I used Avon's Cosmic Blue to represent her birth month gem Sapphire for the base colour on the nails. The top row thumb nail is done as a Rooster her Chinese astrology birth year and the middle finger nail is done in the Chinese writing for Rooster, too. The Aster is her birth month flower which I did in the top row. The bottom row thumb nail has a balance and the middle finger nail has the Libra symbol, both representing her Western astrology sign. And finally, I did a Hazelnut tree which is her Celtic Tree.
The nail polishes used to create the Rooster were Avon's Sunshine, Real Red and Green Goddess. The Chinese symbols were done with Avon's Forbidden Fudge. The Aster flower was done using Avon's Viva Pink and Sunshine. The Libra symbols were both done using Golden Vision by Avon. The Hazelnut tree was created using Forbidden Fudge and Green Goddess.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

Simple Gold Dot

I wanted something easy to do and also darker for the winter months. I used Avon's Golden Wine for the main colour and made a simple dot at the top middle of each nail using Avon's Golden Vision.

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Terrific Toesday!

 This Toesday, I wanted to try Avon's Decadence a rich purple colour and I thought I would try out Sally Hansen's In The Spotlight glitter polish overtop, so I applied it on my big toe only just to see how it would look. I love the glitter as it almost gives off a holographic effect, which is really cool.

Saturday, 5 January 2013

Tiger Striped

 These nails would be great to wear to a Ti-Cat game. (Hamilton's CFL team) The colours of polished used were Avon's Art Orange with Licorice stripes. Unfortunately, the top coat smeared the black a little on some of the nails. :-(

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Silver and Gold

 My son suggested I do my nails silver with gold on top and gold with silver on top alternating, so I did that using the Mosaic polishes.
 The top photo shows the results from using a thin layer of Avon's Mosaic Effect polishes and the picture below that shows the look of applying it thickly. I thought the gold over the silver was a nicer look, than the reverse.
The polishes used for this were Starry Sky and Golden Vision by Avon for the base colours and then the Avon Mosaic Effect colours were Gold Glimmer and Mosaic Mica.

Used Dryer Sheets FTW!

I was having some trouble removing glitter polish, so I looked up solutions online and someone suggested used dryer sheets with nail polish remover. Yes, it worked. There is still some scrubbing involved but the sheet didn't totally rip apart.

Other uses for used dryer sheets include cleaning taps, metal surfaces like toasters and kettles, mirrors, porcelain sinks and it leaves them all nice and shiny. Be careful not to get the sheet wet when cleaning these surfaces or it gets very streaky.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Terrific Toesday!

Whenever I want to try out a new nail polish I paint my toenails to see how it is first. So, I thought I would start a thread of posts based on just the plain polishes and how they look, by photographing my polished toes. My little brain came up with Toesday instead of Tuesday, so I thought that would be a cute idea to post these pics every week.

Today's polish is Avon's Sparkling Sky from their glitter collection. I love it. It glitters with different colours and is so cute. I sit and wiggle my toes in the sunlight to watch it sparkle. :-)  I think this would be an excellent background for doing the galaxy and nebula nails, so watch for those sometime in the future.