Saturday, 23 March 2013

Black Abstract Dream Design

 Well it had been a while since I dreamed of a new nail design, so I was happy when I woke up dreaming of this. I don't know where my mind comes up with these, perhaps they are memories from a past life. :-) The thumb nails are exactly as I dreamed this, the other nails were too little for that much detail.

I used my new dotting tool small end to make the stripes and found they came out nicer than when I had previously used a toothpick to draw lines. I then dotted the colour blobs on with the dotting tool, but used a toothpick to make the messy blob ends.

Avon's Licorice was used for the background colour. I then used Avon's Starry Sky for the stripes and some blobs. L.O.L. by Essence was used for the light green blobs and I mixed Nail Treats Emerald Green with Avon's Sprightly Mint for the darker green blobs.

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