Thursday, 14 March 2013

Glittery Flowers

I tried to capture the gorgeous opal like glitter on these flowers, but the photos didn't turn out the greatest, not a professional camera nor am I a professional photographer that's for sure. >.< I think you can barely make it out if you look hard enough.

I started off trying to make white roses with the powder opal glitter for the rose tips, however the glitter was too translucent and it ended up looking like white blobs with clumps of glitter on them. (lol) So these are my second attempt at doing them.

I thought perhaps I could use my pale grey to do the rose tips under the glitter, so I made large roses on the nails and then I made the mistake of letting the polish dry before adding the glitter. I then used a clear polish, which was too difficult to see where I had applied it and ended up just glittering the entire flower. So, the result is they look like glittery flowers rather than glitter tipped white roses. Oh, well, I may try this again in future.

The background colour is Avon's Pastel Pink. The roses *ahem, cough cough* flowers are done with Avon's French Tip White, Urban Grey and Iridescent glitter powder.

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