Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Flashy Grey

A very simple but fancy look using Grey Flash by Avon for the polish and then sprinkled with some multi-coloured powder glitter.

Sunday, 28 April 2013

Pastel Flower Rows

I got this idea from a dress I saw in a movie and thought it'd make cute nails. I think they are nice for spring.
I just simply make tiny flowers in pastel colours and then added some leaves in between to fill in the rows.

I used Borghese's Bianco White Tip for the main colour. For the flowers I used Avon's Pastel Pink, Blue Water Lilies and Luxe Lavender. Avon's Sprightly Mint was used for the leaves.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Layered Flowers

For the last class I taught today, we did flowers. I chose to do layered looking flowers. I also taught how to add gems, which we used for a few of the flower centres. This is a very simple design to do.

I took in a few packs of the Gem Chic gems for the class to use. The polishes I used were Avon's Aqua Fantasy, Pastel Pink and Viva Pink.

Monday, 22 April 2013

Wild Spikes!

It took me a long time to finish these nails off. They had been sitting on my desk partially done for weeks.

I had the pink and black done, but couldn't come up a third colour to add to them and I wasn't happy with just the two colours.

Then I got new glitter art kits from Essence and thought I'd use some of their silver kit for these. I'm glad I did as I really like how they turned out.

The pink is Avon's Viva Pink. The black is Avon's Licorice. I used the Essence Nail Art decoration kit in silver for some of the glitter and topped that off with Sally Hansen's In The Spotlight.

Friday, 19 April 2013

Flowers with Gem Centres

My poor unimaginative titles that I come up with. (You should see how long it takes me to come up with a character name in a video game.) Well, I'd never get a job in advertising for coming up with original names for products, eh? lol

Again, I wanted to use up some of those orange gems I have, so I liked the idea of using them as flower centres.

These were easy to do and yet turned out pretty I think. They'd be nice for spring (if we ever get it--we have -5C and a snow storm currently). The main colour which is nice and shimmery in real life is Avon's Painted Peony. The flowers are done with Avon's French White Tip and their Halloween collection gems.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Grey And Orange

A very simple creation today. I wanted to use up some of the orange gems I have, as I have quite a few, so I thought this would work. I did an accent nail in the opposite combination of the other nails.
For this look I used Barelements Grey and Nail Treats Orange Orange polishes. I used some of the gems from the Halloween set from Avon.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


For today's nail art class we did circles, which are fairly easy to do using straws. I found it important to keep the straw cleaned off for better results.
I used Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow on all my nails. Then I applied Barelements Grey, and Avon's Licorice and French White Tip for the circles.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Berry Smooth by Avon

Well, my Terrific Toesdays weren't very popular for the most part, with one exception thanks to a Russian forum. [Thank you very much - Bol'shoe spasibo (Большое спасибо) :-D ]  Due to their lack of popularity I have decided to stop doing them. I know some people aren't fond of seeing toes.

Anyway, today I am sampling Avon's Berry Smooth on it's own and trying out the white glue for a base coat trick to see if it works. I think the polish is a little more purple than the photo shows though, but perhaps it looks that way because it is a little on the sheer side.

The white glue for a base coat trick is that it is supposed to peel off easily and is ideal to use with glitter. It went on nice enough and seems to peel off pretty good too. I'm trying that right now as I type this. I think perhaps I might put it on a little thicker when using with glitter. :-)

Monday, 15 April 2013

A Use for the Empty Fake Nail Kit

And now for something completely different, and yet still related to nails, I found this great idea of how to use my empty Nailene containers!
I discovered this idea at http://bellashoot.com/ a great site for beauty lovers! Here is where the original video is from http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ByAnkURcI4M. This is so awesome!
I tend to use the same two maybe three lipsticks over and over again. The rest of them lay in the bottom of my makeup bag forgotten and unseen. I also had one lipstick that I loved but it had broken and the lid didn't stay on at all. This was a perfect solution for those problems. (The video also shows how to fix a broken lipstick, even if she didn't intend to.) And another great thing is you can dig into the bottom of the lipsticks to use up the part stuck in the tube! Waste not want not.
I found my lipstick did not expand like hers did in the video, so I used the entire lipstick to fill these sections. The tiny lipstick at the bottom right is from a lip liner that I don't use, it didn't make much at all. haha

So now I will be able to see my colours and use my lip brush to apply them. I am sure I will use them more often now.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Essence Iced Strawberry Cream

I wanted something plain and simple, yet pretty, so I tried my new Essence Nude Glam polish in Iced Strawberry Cream. I love it. For some reason it seems to make my skin look a little tanned when it isn't. :-)

Friday, 12 April 2013


This will be a long and picture heavy post, just to warn you. :-)

I was inspired by the nebula nail art I have seen online, but I wanted to spice it up a little and do actual galaxies from photos taken by NASA. You can find awesome pictures at these links: http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/spaceimages/ and http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/archivepix.html . You might even find the ones I copied. :-)

So here comes the break down of polished used on each nail!
All the nails were painted with Avon's Licorice then Sparkling Sky glitter polishes.
 I have named all the galaxies with either names I gave them or ones NASA used, although I think they are just nicknames as the real names are probably more like XT134-785HBN or something like that. lol

This thumb nail galaxy is Spin Off as it looks like there is a little one coming off the big one.

The polishes used were Avon's Cherry Jubilee, French White Tip and Pale Gold.
 On this thumb nail I did the Cat's Eye Galaxy. I think I should have maybe spent more time on it to get more of the space background within the galaxy, but I was worried I'd wreck it.
The polishes for this galaxy were Avon's French White Tip, Vintage Blue, Pale Gold, Rose Gold, Romance and Decadence.
 I pictured these two nails together as they used the exact same nail polish colours to make. They are called the Mice and Tadpole Galaxies. I'm guessing that's from the "tails" coming off of them.
The polishes for this were Avon's Pale Gold, French White Tip and L'Oreal's In The Buff.
 This one is called the Eye Galaxy. I'm not sure if these are the actual colours the galaxies appear in or if someone at NASA gets the fun job of colouring them to make them look prettier. I like to think this is how they actually look, because they are breathtakingly beautiful.
The colours of polish used for the Eye Galaxy were Avon's Cosmic Blue, French White Tip, Water Lilies and Vintage Blue.
 This Galaxy is so wickedly cool. I love the photograph of it. I just had to do it. It looks like a Face Galaxy and would be a wicked look in a horror film. lol
I used Avon's Sprightly Mint, French White Tip and Garden Green for this one.
 This Galaxy has lots of Rings and interesting colours.
The outer rings were done with Avon's Lucky Penny and Nail Treat's Orange Orange. The inner rings used Avon's Sunshine. The very middle of the galaxy was Lagoon by Avon and the stars in French White Tip.
 This Galaxy looks like a clam or waves spreading out. I just nicknamed it Wild. I hope you get to see the original photos of these as they are amazing.
The Wild Galaxy was done using Nail Treat's Orange Orange, Avon's Sunshine, French White Tip and Green Garden as well as Sally Hansen's The Real Teal.
 I had a lot of trouble photographing this little pinky nail, as the camera just wouldn't focus on it. This one I just simply named the Purple Galaxy.
Avon's Midnight Plum, French White Tip, Berry Smooth and Orchid Splash were used to create this galaxy.
 And finally, we have the Boomerang Galaxy which is very colourful.
The polishes used for this were Avon's Chic Pink, Decadence, Nail Treat's Emerald Green, Avon's Rose Gold, Pale Gold and French White Tip.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

End Swipes-Damaged

I wasn't going to photograph these and show them, but I changed my mind. I'm not happy with the results at all. I don't like the colour combination and the polish got damaged right away.

These were done yesterday at the nail art class I teach, which unfortunately has been cancelled after this month. Anyway, I used Avon's Speed Dry polishes hoping that would help to have my nails dry before class ended. It didn't help in the slightest. I got my nails done and waited an hour before catching the bus home. I had to stop off at the post office on the way home to pick up a parcel and when I got home I realized the nails had been damaged. I'll be removing this today. Oh well, live and learn.
The main polish I used was Avon's Sprightly Mint and the the two polishes for the swipes of colour on the end were Rose Amour and Crystal Calm.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Terrific Toesday!

This morning I have on Avon's Painted Peony. It's an alright colour, not the best paint job, but at least the sun is shining. We've been getting snow lately. I hope spring gets here at some point this month. (Wishful thinking I'm sure.)

Friday, 5 April 2013

Plain Glitter

I used Space Queen by Essence on top of just a base coat. It appears to be just a clear polish with light coloured glitter throughout. It is a pretty look.

Thursday, 4 April 2013

My Stash by request

I was asked to post a picture of my stash of nail polishes. This is what I have accumulated so far. Yes, they are in order of colour and from lightest to darkest, too. I arrange them this way when I am working on a big project so I can find my colours easier. On the left hand side are my different nail treatments, like cuticle balm and nail strengtheners. On the right hand side are my collections of glitters, crackles and suede polishes. In the middle of course are all my different colours, as you can see my yellows are quite lacking in variety. I need to work on that. :-D

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Half and Half

For today's nail art class we did half and half nails using two different colours. I found out too late that I should have started off with the purple polish as it was more sheer than I had realized.

These pictures are not in the best light, but you really can't see the purple colour well at all anyway.
I chose these colours from Avon as I haven't really used them before. The Stunning Cobalt has a gorgeous finish very shiny and the Berry Smooth was the second colour.