Monday, 15 April 2013

A Use for the Empty Fake Nail Kit

And now for something completely different, and yet still related to nails, I found this great idea of how to use my empty Nailene containers!
I discovered this idea at a great site for beauty lovers! Here is where the original video is from This is so awesome!
I tend to use the same two maybe three lipsticks over and over again. The rest of them lay in the bottom of my makeup bag forgotten and unseen. I also had one lipstick that I loved but it had broken and the lid didn't stay on at all. This was a perfect solution for those problems. (The video also shows how to fix a broken lipstick, even if she didn't intend to.) And another great thing is you can dig into the bottom of the lipsticks to use up the part stuck in the tube! Waste not want not.
I found my lipstick did not expand like hers did in the video, so I used the entire lipstick to fill these sections. The tiny lipstick at the bottom right is from a lip liner that I don't use, it didn't make much at all. haha

So now I will be able to see my colours and use my lip brush to apply them. I am sure I will use them more often now.

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