Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Berry Smooth by Avon

Well, my Terrific Toesdays weren't very popular for the most part, with one exception thanks to a Russian forum. [Thank you very much - Bol'shoe spasibo (Большое спасибо) :-D ]  Due to their lack of popularity I have decided to stop doing them. I know some people aren't fond of seeing toes.

Anyway, today I am sampling Avon's Berry Smooth on it's own and trying out the white glue for a base coat trick to see if it works. I think the polish is a little more purple than the photo shows though, but perhaps it looks that way because it is a little on the sheer side.

The white glue for a base coat trick is that it is supposed to peel off easily and is ideal to use with glitter. It went on nice enough and seems to peel off pretty good too. I'm trying that right now as I type this. I think perhaps I might put it on a little thicker when using with glitter. :-)

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