Friday, 12 April 2013


This will be a long and picture heavy post, just to warn you. :-)

I was inspired by the nebula nail art I have seen online, but I wanted to spice it up a little and do actual galaxies from photos taken by NASA. You can find awesome pictures at these links: and . You might even find the ones I copied. :-)

So here comes the break down of polished used on each nail!
All the nails were painted with Avon's Licorice then Sparkling Sky glitter polishes.
 I have named all the galaxies with either names I gave them or ones NASA used, although I think they are just nicknames as the real names are probably more like XT134-785HBN or something like that. lol

This thumb nail galaxy is Spin Off as it looks like there is a little one coming off the big one.

The polishes used were Avon's Cherry Jubilee, French White Tip and Pale Gold.
 On this thumb nail I did the Cat's Eye Galaxy. I think I should have maybe spent more time on it to get more of the space background within the galaxy, but I was worried I'd wreck it.
The polishes for this galaxy were Avon's French White Tip, Vintage Blue, Pale Gold, Rose Gold, Romance and Decadence.
 I pictured these two nails together as they used the exact same nail polish colours to make. They are called the Mice and Tadpole Galaxies. I'm guessing that's from the "tails" coming off of them.
The polishes for this were Avon's Pale Gold, French White Tip and L'Oreal's In The Buff.
 This one is called the Eye Galaxy. I'm not sure if these are the actual colours the galaxies appear in or if someone at NASA gets the fun job of colouring them to make them look prettier. I like to think this is how they actually look, because they are breathtakingly beautiful.
The colours of polish used for the Eye Galaxy were Avon's Cosmic Blue, French White Tip, Water Lilies and Vintage Blue.
 This Galaxy is so wickedly cool. I love the photograph of it. I just had to do it. It looks like a Face Galaxy and would be a wicked look in a horror film. lol
I used Avon's Sprightly Mint, French White Tip and Garden Green for this one.
 This Galaxy has lots of Rings and interesting colours.
The outer rings were done with Avon's Lucky Penny and Nail Treat's Orange Orange. The inner rings used Avon's Sunshine. The very middle of the galaxy was Lagoon by Avon and the stars in French White Tip.
 This Galaxy looks like a clam or waves spreading out. I just nicknamed it Wild. I hope you get to see the original photos of these as they are amazing.
The Wild Galaxy was done using Nail Treat's Orange Orange, Avon's Sunshine, French White Tip and Green Garden as well as Sally Hansen's The Real Teal.
 I had a lot of trouble photographing this little pinky nail, as the camera just wouldn't focus on it. This one I just simply named the Purple Galaxy.
Avon's Midnight Plum, French White Tip, Berry Smooth and Orchid Splash were used to create this galaxy.
 And finally, we have the Boomerang Galaxy which is very colourful.
The polishes used for this were Avon's Chic Pink, Decadence, Nail Treat's Emerald Green, Avon's Rose Gold, Pale Gold and French White Tip.

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