Thursday, 30 May 2013

Chocolate Dipped Strawberries

After doing these nails, I realized that I have never actually eaten chocolate dipped strawberries. heehee I guess that's why I've done this nail art to make up for that.
Started off with Avon's Real Red over the entire nail. I then added Forbidden Fudge by Avon onto part of the nails and I didn't worry about it being perfect, I just went overtop of the dried red on all nails except for the pinkies. Then I used Avon's Inspire to do the strawberry seeds using the smallest dotting tool I have, but a pointy ended toothpick would work. I added Nail Treats Emerald on the tops of the pinkies for the strawberry leaves. Again, I just used a dotting to tool to apply it. Lastly, I worked with the French White Tip by Avon until it got stringy and then pulled it across the 'chocolate' for a white chocolate drizzle effect.

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