Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gold Dots and Stripes

I used gold coloured, glittery striping tape to do the bottom pattern on these nails and then did tons of tiny dots on the top part. Working with the striping tape like this takes lots of patience I discovered. haha

Avon's Sprightly Mint was the base colour and then I used their Golden Vision for the dots and the stripes of course were done with the striping tape I got from Cheeky.

Speaking of Cheeky, I got a set of their dotting tools which on Amazon sell for $0.01, which there is no way they cost that cheap, there is an added handling charge of course to make up the difference in price, BUT one of the tools I used for the first time split. The handle broke at one end, so I now have a nub for the tiniest dotting end in the set of tools. This isn't so bad for me, as I am used to using toothpicks, but I thought I'd warn anyone planning to buy them, that they are not the best quality, not that it's much of a surprise because of the price. Anyway, just thought I'd give a heads up on that.

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