Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Homemade Polishes

Okay, so I tried my hand at making my own polishes kind of.

So far, I have made four new polishes. How I did this was to take clear polish and add things to them. I had a very old clear Avon polish and I bought some very cheap clear polishes at the dollar store.
I had a black coloured eye shadow that was a really nice colour, but I could never wear it as it made me look like I had been punched in the eye. lol  I tried to use it different ways, but it never suited me, so I scraped it down to a powder and added it to one of the clear polishes I got from the dollar store. That however was too boring for me, so I add some gold chunky glitter and some gold powder glitter to it. I just made this today, so not sure how it'll look on nails yet. I call it Texas Tea.

This clear polish I added silver powder glitter to. I find the glitter sinks to the bottom, but if you turn it upside down and rub it between your hands so it spins, the glitter spreads out again.
I still have the racing stripe nail art on, it's lasting really good, so I tried out this new silver glitter overtop. I like it. :-)
For this new colour, I added a really dark brown eye shadow I had that again, just didn't suit me. It has a nice coppery shimmer to it. I call this one Dark Chocolate.
And the last of these is made with the really old polish I had and I added some gold iridescent glitter to it.

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