Friday, 10 May 2013

Iron Man 3

Going to see the movie tomorrow so thought I'd have some fun and do a set of nails for it. :-D I had so much fun doing these.

First is my left hand nails. I did my first ever foil with some gold foil on my ring finger and used flocking powder (another first) on either side of the foil, although it is difficult to tell in the photo. I did a crackle effect on the pinkies of both hands and just plain gold and red stripes on the middle fingers.

Both my thumbs have were done the same, although I'm not left handed so the writing isn't as good on the right hand thumb. I did iron man's face on both hand pointer fingers, too, using rectangular gems for the eyes. On the ring finger of my left hand I used gold and red glitter polishes to do stripes with.

I used Avon's Cherry Jubilee and Golden Vision for the thumbs and middle fingers. For the iron man faces I used Cherry Jubilee, Golden Vision and Licore all by Avon along with gems from Cheeky for the eyes. I used the Cherry Jubilee again for the base colour under the crackle of the Gold Glimmer Mosiac by Avon on the pinkies. For the ring fingers I used gold foil from Essence and some flocking powder on my left hand and the other hand I used Sparkling Gold and Sparkling Red glitters from Avon. I hope that wasn't too confusing.

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