Sunday, 30 June 2013

On the Beach

Well, as I posted previously, I thought the Radiant holographic nail polish from Avon was good for nail art to be used as sand and since I already had it on and it is summer, I thought I'd do a beach set of nails. On this hand we have a beach towel, crab, waves and footprints.
Here is a pail and shovel on the thumb.
On my other hand (painted by my non-dominant hand), there is a starfish, waves, sand castle and beach ball.
On the thumb, I did a beach umbrella.
The base colours are the Radiant and Eclipse by Avon.
The other polishes used were Avon's Coral Beat, Fuchsia, Licorice, Shock, Real Red, Art Orange, Bare Necessity, Vintage Blue, Essence's L.O.L., Borghese's Bianco White Tip, and Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow.

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Pearls and Roses - Wedding Nails

More stuff stuck on nails. ;-)  I saw this package of pearl and rose stick-ons at the dollar store and thought they would make nice wedding nails.
I used Revlon's Sheer Rose polish for these.

Friday, 28 June 2013

Rainbow Gems

The name pretty much says everything for these nails. :-)  I just simply painted the nails grey and added a row of gems to represent the colours of the rainbow straight up the middle.
For these nails I used Barelement's Grey and a selection of gems from Cheeky.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Coloured Bindi Gems

I got these cute gems from The Masala Grille's display booth at the multicultural Folk Lore Festival. I then decided to add them to similar colour polished nails.
The polish colours are Avon's Sweet Mint, Viva Pink, Vintage Blue, Sprightly Mint and Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow.

Here is a link to the Masala Grille, an Indian & Thai restaurant here in Thunder Bay. I personally recommend the Mattar Paneer! It's my favourite!

Here is a link for shopping online for Bindi if you are interested:

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Radient and Eclipse Holographic Swatches

I had ordered three bottles of the new holographic nail polishes from Avon, as I wasn't sure just how holographic they were from the photos in the magazine. I personally, would not call any of the three I got holographic at all. The goldish colour bottle is called Radiant and while it does have an iridescent shimmer to it that can only be seen in direct sunlight, it is not holographic in my opinion. When any of the three colours I have tried are not in direct sunlight they just look speckled at best. To be honest, the dark blue Eclipse doesn't even seem to have any iridescent shimmer at all, never mind being holographic. The third colour I have, Celestial is featured in another post I did. I wanted to give these two a try to see how they are.
Here the colours are in direct sunlight and at best they have an iridescent shimmer. All three are pretty polishes, however I would not say they were holographic. I have wanted holographic polish for months now and I was so excited when I saw Avon was selling them. I initially wanted to buy all 10 colours, but the pictures didn't look holographic, so I decided on three that I thought would look really cool if they were holographic and if they turned out to be awesome I would get all the rest. I'll be saving some money anyway, as I won't be buying all of them now. I may however get two more colours because I like the colour of them and think they will look nice hoping they will have an iridescent shimmer in direct sunlight.
Here they are a little bit closer up and as you can see, the dark Eclipse just seems to have a speckled appearance but not iridescent at all and certainly not holographic. The Radiant polish I have determined would be good to use as sand in nail art.
Here they are at a slightly different angle in the sunlight and still no holographic effect really. I am disappointed, so I guess I'll have to keep searching for true holographic polish. Maybe I'll need to see if I can get some online.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flower Decals

Normally, I'm not a fan of objects stuck on nails, other than gems. Those little rubber looking fruit slices and things are not for me. In a previous post, I used cute little plastic bows, but I got those in a set of foil and glitters, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. However, I saw these cute flowers that have an iridescent look to them and I couldn't resist. Guess I'm warming up to this idea.

What I am trying to say is that I mean, I am not the best artist that's for sure, but I like the challenge of seeing if I can paint the look I want rather than using a sticker. Not everyone is capable of doing this and stickers are a great way for someone to get a nail art look that they themselves are unable to create. Although I could take a shot at creating flowers that look like this, I do not have nail polish anywhere near this colour or that has the iridescent effect these have.

I basically stuck these on the nails with clear polish. The little baggie these came in had the petal and centre cut-outs in it, so I used those to create a different flower on the pinkies and to make a sort of falling petal look on the middle fingers using them. I got these at the dollar store and have a huge amount left over, so I may end up doing something else with them, not sure what yet, though.
The nail polish I used for this is L'Oréal's In The Buff. This is the little baggie of flowers, as you can see I have a lot left over. haha

Monday, 24 June 2013

Copper and Emerald

These are easy to make if you have striping tape. I love the green tape on the copper nails.
I used Avon's Lucky Penny and Nail Treat's Emerald Green and copper and green coloured tape. I put top coat on over the nail after the tape was added to help secure the tape.

Sunday, 23 June 2013

Glittery Lava Lamp Look

I wanted to do glitter powder french tips, but something a little different, so I tried to spice it up a bit. When my son saw these he said it looked like lava lamps, so hey, that's how they got their name. :-D
Making this look is very simple. I did two coats of Avon's French White Tip and after that dried I then painted clear polish over the areas I wanted glitter on. Then I carefully dipped the nail into the pot of glitter and rolled the nail side to side to cover all the clear polish. Then when done I gently tapped the nail over top of the pot to shake off any excess glitter, so as little as possible is wasted. Waste not want not. :-)

Saturday, 22 June 2013

Cute Little Bows

I think these turned out adorable. Somehow the picture doesn't do them justice though.

I got these little bow decals from a silver pack of an Essence's Nail Art Decoration Kit. They are so cute.

The polishes used for the thumb nails were Avon's Licorice and their unnamed Single Stroke pink. The pointer fingers were done with Avon's Luxe Lavender and Starry Sky. The middle finger with Mystic and Pastel Pink both by Avon. Blue Water Lilies and French White Tip again by Avon were used on the ring finger. The pinkie is painted with Nail Treat's Emerald Green and Avon's Golden Vision.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Duck Pond

I think these nails turned out so cute. :-)

I really like the little frog. It is so much easier to do this with the proper tools than just using toothpicks, so if you love to do nail art as much as I do, I highly recommend getting a set of nail art brushes.

The water was done with Avon's Blue Water Lilies and the ripples with their Vintage Blue. The ducks were done with Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow and Avon's Art Orange for the beaks. French White Tip and Licorice both by Avon were used for all the eyes.

The bulrushes were painted using Avon's Bare Necessity, Vintage Boutique, Green Goddess and Garden Green. The dragonflies were created with Avon's Jade and Inspire for the wings. The lily pads were done with Garden Green and the lotus using French White Tip and Inspire. The turtle's head and legs were done with Nail Treat's Emerald Green, the shell with Absinthe and Inspire both from Avon. The frog was made with Emerald Green and Absinthe.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Purple Pineapple Surprise

I started off doing an abstract flower design and by the time I added the leaves I thought it looked like pineapples. When my son saw them he said they look like pineapples, so that's how they got their name. :-)

I used flocking powder to do the flowers and leaves. On the small pinkie nails they are entirely done in flocking powder, but the blue background colour was too similar to the teal colour of  the leaves, so the rest of them just have blue polish for the background rather than the flocking powder.

Another view to try to show the flocking powder better. (fuzzy)
To do this look I started off by painting the flower on the nail with Avon's Luxe Lavender, which is the closest colour polish I have to the purple flocking powder. When the polish was still wet I dipped it in the powder and then tapped off any excess back into the container. I then painted the pattern of the stem below the flower with Sally Hansen's The Real Teal and while it was still wet carefully dipped that into the teal coloured flocking powder the same as before. I then did the leaves above the flower and redipped it into the teal flocking powder again as carefully as possible, to try not to get any on the purple flower.

I painted the background afterwards with Avon's Lagoon and dipped just the little nails into the flocking powder that was a little lighter in blue (not pictured) doing each side of the nail separately to be as careful as possible. When I saw it blended in too much with the colour of the leaves, I just painted the background of the rest of the nails with the Lagoon colour. Painting the background after doing the flocking powder is a bad idea. I did this because I had wanted to do the entire nail in flocking powder and that would have been the correct way to do that. However, just using plain polish for the background should be done first before doing any flocking because there is powder residue all over the unpainted nail and it messes up painting them somewhat.Oh well, live and learn. I think they turned okay despite that.

Monday, 17 June 2013

Half and Half Crackle

I belong to the Nail Polish Lovers community on Google+ and this week's challenge was to use crackle polish. I tried to do something a little different with it. This has a bit of an 80's look to me, because of the colours I think.

I just simply used scotch tape to do the top half of the crackle and then did the bottom half. As you can see I switched the colours up one each hand, making a reverse pattern.
The polishes for this look were Avon's Divine Lime for the base colour covered with Avon's Fiery Fuchsia and Sally Hansen's Wave Break.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Polishing Bobby Pins

Another use for your nail polish is to paint your bobby pins in different colours. I went through my summer wardrobe and tried to find perfect matches of nail polish colours with my tops and then painted a pair of bobby pins in each of those colours.
I slid the bobby pins onto a thin piece of cardboard and then painted the tops of them only because that is only part that will be showing in my hair.I put about two coats on most of these, but the light brown colour polish was very sheer so I put three coats of that on.
And here is the finished result. They now match some of my hair ties, too. I might just do some more to get matching bobby pins for all of my hair ties. :-)
In case you are curious, the polishes I used for these were Sally Hansen's Coral Reef and The Real Teal, Avon's Red Red, Luxe Lavender and Blue Water Lilies, Barelement's Grey, Essence's L.O.L. and Revlon's Sheer Nude.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Striped Gradient

Did a bit of a twist on the gradient look by adding stripes. To do this look, I started off with one coat of Avon's Orchid Splash and when that dried I added striping tape: one down the middle and two half way down on either side. I then did the sponge gradient technique over top of all the nail using Avon's Viva Pink and Borghese's Bianco White Tip. I then removed the striping tape and put on a coat of top coat adding the gems at the top middle and then put another layer of top coat on to help the gems stick and to smooth out the sponge gradient which finishes rather roughly.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Strawberry and Teal Dream

This is another look I dreamt. I tried using my new striping brush to do this and I obviously need more practice. lol

The colours used for this were Avon's Seduce Me Strawberry and Sally Hansen's The Real Teal.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Stained Glass Look

I tried to do a sort of stained glass look with these nails with fun colours.
I used Avon's Starry Sky for the main background colour. The other colours are Essence's L.O.L. and Off To Miami and Sally Hansen's Purple Potion as well as two Kozmic Colour polishes that do not have a name which I got from the dollar store.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Spring Toes

This is a cute look and super simple to do. It makes me want to wear sandals. :-)
The main colour is Divine Lime by Avon. The flowers are done with Avon's French White Tip and Nail Treat's Orange Orange.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Big Flowers

I have started using my new nail art brushes and I am getting to know how to use them a little at a time. I love them, they make doing designs so much smoother to paint. Although toothpicks work, they can leave the artwork rather blobby, so learning to use the brushes is really nice.  I saw this pattern online and had to do nails with it. The thumb nail got smeared when I put topcoat on it, well the red did and it had dried overnight before I applied the topcoat, so I was rather disappointed and didn't dare add it to any of the other nails for fear they might smear too.
The colours used for this were Avon's French White Tip, Red Red, Fuchsia and Licorice as well as Revlon's Provoke.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Holographic Fake Paint Splatter

I bought a couple of the new Cosmic Nail Enamels from Avon that are holographic. I have wanted holographic polish so badly. I was going to buy the entire line, but thought I'd better just get a couple to see how they are in person, as it can be tricky buying from the catalogue. The three I bought were Eclipse, Celestial and Radient. The glitter/shimmer in the polish is what is holographic from what I can tell, not the polish itself. I might get a couple more colours to try, but I am a little disappointed they weren't knock out holographic.

Of course, it was gorgeous and sunny this morning when I first got up and did this nail art, but when I was photo ready it was cloud covered. I did a paint splatter effect overtop of the holographic polish. The above picture shows this in natural light.
This is how it looks in artificial lighting. I think the holographic just looks slightly textured or speckled when not in the right light setting. The weird thing about this polish, is when I did clean up the polish started to bunch up and get gloppy around the edges. It's like it gathered together rather than coming off cleanly, so I ended up with it in blobs. You can see around the edge of the nails where it glopped up. I don't know maybe I put the polish on too thick?
As I was typing this up, the sun peeked through the clouds momentarily, so I raced to take more pics. This is out of focus, but I thought it was the best result for the holographic look of the shimmer. Yes, I broke a nail while moving a piece of furniture, which is why I no longer have the strawberries on.
Again, trying to show the holographic effect.
The polishes I used for this look were Avon's Celestial, Sally Hansen's Celeb city and a polish I got at the dollar store Kozmic Colours that has no name but is a really pretty shimmery pink.