Friday, 21 June 2013

Duck Pond

I think these nails turned out so cute. :-)

I really like the little frog. It is so much easier to do this with the proper tools than just using toothpicks, so if you love to do nail art as much as I do, I highly recommend getting a set of nail art brushes.

The water was done with Avon's Blue Water Lilies and the ripples with their Vintage Blue. The ducks were done with Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow and Avon's Art Orange for the beaks. French White Tip and Licorice both by Avon were used for all the eyes.

The bulrushes were painted using Avon's Bare Necessity, Vintage Boutique, Green Goddess and Garden Green. The dragonflies were created with Avon's Jade and Inspire for the wings. The lily pads were done with Garden Green and the lotus using French White Tip and Inspire. The turtle's head and legs were done with Nail Treat's Emerald Green, the shell with Absinthe and Inspire both from Avon. The frog was made with Emerald Green and Absinthe.