Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Flower Decals

Normally, I'm not a fan of objects stuck on nails, other than gems. Those little rubber looking fruit slices and things are not for me. In a previous post, I used cute little plastic bows, but I got those in a set of foil and glitters, otherwise I wouldn't have bought them. However, I saw these cute flowers that have an iridescent look to them and I couldn't resist. Guess I'm warming up to this idea.

What I am trying to say is that I mean, I am not the best artist that's for sure, but I like the challenge of seeing if I can paint the look I want rather than using a sticker. Not everyone is capable of doing this and stickers are a great way for someone to get a nail art look that they themselves are unable to create. Although I could take a shot at creating flowers that look like this, I do not have nail polish anywhere near this colour or that has the iridescent effect these have.

I basically stuck these on the nails with clear polish. The little baggie these came in had the petal and centre cut-outs in it, so I used those to create a different flower on the pinkies and to make a sort of falling petal look on the middle fingers using them. I got these at the dollar store and have a huge amount left over, so I may end up doing something else with them, not sure what yet, though.
The nail polish I used for this is L'Oréal's In The Buff. This is the little baggie of flowers, as you can see I have a lot left over. haha

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