Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Holographic Fake Paint Splatter

I bought a couple of the new Cosmic Nail Enamels from Avon that are holographic. I have wanted holographic polish so badly. I was going to buy the entire line, but thought I'd better just get a couple to see how they are in person, as it can be tricky buying from the catalogue. The three I bought were Eclipse, Celestial and Radient. The glitter/shimmer in the polish is what is holographic from what I can tell, not the polish itself. I might get a couple more colours to try, but I am a little disappointed they weren't knock out holographic.

Of course, it was gorgeous and sunny this morning when I first got up and did this nail art, but when I was photo ready it was cloud covered. I did a paint splatter effect overtop of the holographic polish. The above picture shows this in natural light.
This is how it looks in artificial lighting. I think the holographic just looks slightly textured or speckled when not in the right light setting. The weird thing about this polish, is when I did clean up the polish started to bunch up and get gloppy around the edges. It's like it gathered together rather than coming off cleanly, so I ended up with it in blobs. You can see around the edge of the nails where it glopped up. I don't know maybe I put the polish on too thick?
As I was typing this up, the sun peeked through the clouds momentarily, so I raced to take more pics. This is out of focus, but I thought it was the best result for the holographic look of the shimmer. Yes, I broke a nail while moving a piece of furniture, which is why I no longer have the strawberries on.
Again, trying to show the holographic effect.
The polishes I used for this look were Avon's Celestial, Sally Hansen's Celeb city and a polish I got at the dollar store Kozmic Colours that has no name but is a really pretty shimmery pink.

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