Sunday, 30 June 2013

On the Beach

Well, as I posted previously, I thought the Radiant holographic nail polish from Avon was good for nail art to be used as sand and since I already had it on and it is summer, I thought I'd do a beach set of nails. On this hand we have a beach towel, crab, waves and footprints.
Here is a pail and shovel on the thumb.
On my other hand (painted by my non-dominant hand), there is a starfish, waves, sand castle and beach ball.
On the thumb, I did a beach umbrella.
The base colours are the Radiant and Eclipse by Avon.
The other polishes used were Avon's Coral Beat, Fuchsia, Licorice, Shock, Real Red, Art Orange, Bare Necessity, Vintage Blue, Essence's L.O.L., Borghese's Bianco White Tip, and Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow.

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