Sunday, 16 June 2013

Polishing Bobby Pins

Another use for your nail polish is to paint your bobby pins in different colours. I went through my summer wardrobe and tried to find perfect matches of nail polish colours with my tops and then painted a pair of bobby pins in each of those colours.
I slid the bobby pins onto a thin piece of cardboard and then painted the tops of them only because that is only part that will be showing in my hair.I put about two coats on most of these, but the light brown colour polish was very sheer so I put three coats of that on.
And here is the finished result. They now match some of my hair ties, too. I might just do some more to get matching bobby pins for all of my hair ties. :-)
In case you are curious, the polishes I used for these were Sally Hansen's Coral Reef and The Real Teal, Avon's Red Red, Luxe Lavender and Blue Water Lilies, Barelement's Grey, Essence's L.O.L. and Revlon's Sheer Nude.