Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Purple Pineapple Surprise

I started off doing an abstract flower design and by the time I added the leaves I thought it looked like pineapples. When my son saw them he said they look like pineapples, so that's how they got their name. :-)

I used flocking powder to do the flowers and leaves. On the small pinkie nails they are entirely done in flocking powder, but the blue background colour was too similar to the teal colour of  the leaves, so the rest of them just have blue polish for the background rather than the flocking powder.

Another view to try to show the flocking powder better. (fuzzy)
To do this look I started off by painting the flower on the nail with Avon's Luxe Lavender, which is the closest colour polish I have to the purple flocking powder. When the polish was still wet I dipped it in the powder and then tapped off any excess back into the container. I then painted the pattern of the stem below the flower with Sally Hansen's The Real Teal and while it was still wet carefully dipped that into the teal coloured flocking powder the same as before. I then did the leaves above the flower and redipped it into the teal flocking powder again as carefully as possible, to try not to get any on the purple flower.

I painted the background afterwards with Avon's Lagoon and dipped just the little nails into the flocking powder that was a little lighter in blue (not pictured) doing each side of the nail separately to be as careful as possible. When I saw it blended in too much with the colour of the leaves, I just painted the background of the rest of the nails with the Lagoon colour. Painting the background after doing the flocking powder is a bad idea. I did this because I had wanted to do the entire nail in flocking powder and that would have been the correct way to do that. However, just using plain polish for the background should be done first before doing any flocking because there is powder residue all over the unpainted nail and it messes up painting them somewhat.Oh well, live and learn. I think they turned okay despite that.

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