Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Radient and Eclipse Holographic Swatches

I had ordered three bottles of the new holographic nail polishes from Avon, as I wasn't sure just how holographic they were from the photos in the magazine. I personally, would not call any of the three I got holographic at all. The goldish colour bottle is called Radiant and while it does have an iridescent shimmer to it that can only be seen in direct sunlight, it is not holographic in my opinion. When any of the three colours I have tried are not in direct sunlight they just look speckled at best. To be honest, the dark blue Eclipse doesn't even seem to have any iridescent shimmer at all, never mind being holographic. The third colour I have, Celestial is featured in another post I did. I wanted to give these two a try to see how they are.
Here the colours are in direct sunlight and at best they have an iridescent shimmer. All three are pretty polishes, however I would not say they were holographic. I have wanted holographic polish for months now and I was so excited when I saw Avon was selling them. I initially wanted to buy all 10 colours, but the pictures didn't look holographic, so I decided on three that I thought would look really cool if they were holographic and if they turned out to be awesome I would get all the rest. I'll be saving some money anyway, as I won't be buying all of them now. I may however get two more colours because I like the colour of them and think they will look nice hoping they will have an iridescent shimmer in direct sunlight.
Here they are a little bit closer up and as you can see, the dark Eclipse just seems to have a speckled appearance but not iridescent at all and certainly not holographic. The Radiant polish I have determined would be good to use as sand in nail art.
Here they are at a slightly different angle in the sunlight and still no holographic effect really. I am disappointed, so I guess I'll have to keep searching for true holographic polish. Maybe I'll need to see if I can get some online.

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