Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Avengers -by request

Well, some of these I'm very happy with how they turned out and others not so much. I wish they looked smoother than they do. I had a lot of trouble today with lighting while trying to photograph these so they aren't the best, but I guess you're used to that by now. haha

Starting at the top row left we have the Avengers logo, Loki, Hawkeye, Thor and Black Widow, the bottom row starting at the left again is Captain America, Iron Man, Hulk, Nick Fury and Agent Coulson.

The Avengers Logo used Avon's Gunmetal and Licorice polishes. I wish this had finished smoother, I'm not happy with how the polish dried on it.

For Loki I used Avon's Green Goddess and Golden Vision. This nail gave me the most trouble out of all of them, talk about a God of Mischief and Chaos. Twice I mixed this nail up with other nails I was doing and had to remove the polish and start again. I then had so much trouble getting the helmet correct, I'm afraid I rather gave up on it because I was afraid I'd make it worse. lol

I know in the movie Hawkeye's Logo is all black matte but that is too hard for me to do and still show the design, so I opted out for adding colour. In the comics Hawkeye is in purple, so I chose Avon's Decadence for the main colour on the nail. I did the logo in Licorice and Gunmetal.

For Thor I did his hammer. I put one layer of Avon's Cherry Jubilee over all the nail and then topped that off with a layer of Real Red to give the red some depth. I did the handle in Avon's Bare Necessity and Essence's Gorgeous Bling Bling. The hammer head was done in Sally Hansen's Celeb City and Avon's Gunmetal.

The Black Widow's Logo was nice and simple to do using Avon's Licorice and Real Red.

Another view of the top row.

I chose to do Captain America's shield and used Avon's French White Tip for the base colour and then did the shiled using Sally Hansen's Celeb City, and Avon's Real Red and Cosmic Blue.

I love doing the Iron Man face, it's fun. Cherry Jubilee and Golden Vision by Avon for the face, with Licorice for the mouth detail and two rectangular gems for the eyes.

The Hulk's logo was done using Avon's Licorice and Honeydew Dazzle with Absinthe for the background colour.

I used Avon's Forbidden Fudge over all the nail and then did a coat of Vintage Boutique over that to add depth of colour for Nick Fury. The scratches were done in Avon's Real Red and the eyepatch in Licorice.

My son told me to do one of the nails for Agent Coulson and gave me the idea to do a shirt and tie. I used Avon's Vintage Blue over all the nail, then Midnight Blue for the jacket. The tie is done with Stunning Cobalt and Vintage Blue. I think it looks really cute. I might do a whole set of nails with suits and ties.

Another view of the bottom row.

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