Friday, 12 July 2013

Glitter Gradient

I am showing the ring finger first, because I had to photograph my other hand to show how this turned out, at least the way it was meant to be. As you will see in the next photo the ring finger got totally messed up.
What happened to my ring finger was that the white glue I used for the base coat bubbled after I add the gems. It got air bubbles underneath it somehow. I tried to fix the bubbling and ended up ruining the look . I found later that some of my other nails started bubbling as well, I don't know why. Perhaps I put too thick of a coat of glue on. I'm not sure.
I used Ballerina by Avon for the base colour. I then used Essence's Space Queen for the gradient glitter about half way up the nails. I dipped the the tips of my nails into the coral coloured glitter powder and added some gems from cheeky onto some of the nails.
I'm not happy with these, as I think it would have looked better if I had put the one gem at the bottom of all the nails rather than doing the french tip with a row of gems. I think it was too much. I also made the mistake of redoing my thumbs in the powder glitter as it didn't work well with the first coat. Unfortunately, I didn't use the glitter polish again and then dip, instead I used a clear polish and it coated much thicker and darker. I preferred the lighter dusting of powder glitter I had originally gotten. I did this look yesterday, and last night most of the lighter dusting of powder glitter vanished and I just seem to have that on the thumbs and around the gems. Oh well, I'll know better next time, if I do this look again. ;-)

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