Friday, 5 July 2013

Nail Jewelry

I did my best to match the colour of the polish with the colour of the pearl and then to find gems that matched the pearls, too. I then stuck the pearls and gems on to look like a ring over the nail. I must have done a good job with choosing matching polish colours because my son thought I painted the pearls themselves to match the polishes. :-)
The polishes used to create this look were Avon's Barefoot Beige, Vintage Blue and L'Oréal's Satin Sheets, Essence's Iced Strawberry Cream and Sally Hansen's Twist of Lime. I used Avon's Pearl Shine over the Beige, Blue and Lime polishes to give them a pearl finish, like that of the White and Pink polishes so they would match nicer. The pearl finish really made a difference on the Twist of Lime polish as it is a glitter.
The pearls came from a couple of sets I got from Dollarama and the gems were from Cheeky.

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