Monday, 8 July 2013

Picture Tutorial: Fake Nail Painting

I have been asked to do tutorials, but not for anything specific, so I will try to do tutorials now and then. Although, it is difficult photographing something while I am doing it, I'll give it my best shot. If you would like a tutorial for anything that I have done, or something you would like to see me attempt to do, please let me know, thanks.

So today, I am going to show how I paint fake nails. This is how I do it, it is not necessarily the 'correct' way to do them and certainly not the only way to paint them, but this method works for me.
To start with I use a box and some masking tape.
I then rip off a length of masking tape that is a little longer than the width of the box.
Stick the edge of the masking tape to the box, leaving the sticky side of the tape up.
Then fold down the other side and stick the tape to the box completely.
Once the tape is stuck down, you can stick your set of nails on. I tend to put the nails on in the order of thumb, pointer, middle, ring and pinky for each hand, so I can keep track of the art I am doing on particular fingers better. This is just easier for me. I have tried pairing all the nails, thumb-thumb, pointer-pointer, etc..., but I found I had problems with that, so I went back to each hand separately again, and like this method best.
Sometimes the nails can move using this method, as they don't always stick to the tape. Most of the nails will stick nicely, however, to help prevent any movement, when I apply the first coat of nail polish, I overlap the nail on the sides so that some of the polish gets on the masking tape. This helps to form a seal and keep the nails in place for your next coat or any nail art you intend to do.
As you can see in this picture, the nail has shifted leaving a gap where the polish is on the masking tape. Simply hold the nail gently in place with a toothpick to apply the polish if the nail is moving slightly.
Here is the polish put on the nail again, to help it stick to the tape.
Occasionally, you will get a nail that just doesn't want to stay on the tape at all. I hold the nail down firmly with the toothpick and paint around it.
Be sure to overlap the polish on these nails to hold them in place on the masking tape.
Very carefully smooth off the finish where the toothpick had been, be very gentle, so as to not move the nail again. You may find that if your polish is thick and a little sticky, that the brush will stick to the nail, which is a real pain and it will move the nail. Try to keep your polish and brush fresh and use a thick coat of polish for the first coat on these.
This is the first coat of one hand done. Let your polish dry completely before doing any other work on them. This helps the nails to seal and stick to the tape best. I quite often leave each coat to dry overnight before doing any other work on them, but I am usually working on more than one set of nails at a time.
When you are ready to apply your second coat, check all around the nails especially the sides to make sure they are completely covered with polish. If not, then be sure your second coat covers them well. If your nails are completely covered and you don't need a second coat, then go ahead and start doing your nail art.

Well, that's about it for the basics. Hope this has been helpful or at least interesting. Once again, please let me know if there are any tutorials you would like to see. Thank you.

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