Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Silver Spun (Tutorial)

A lovely simple metallic look to these sugar spun style nails.
The first step is to paint your nails with a couple of coats of your base polish.
Put a few drops of your chosen polish that you want to 'string' over your nails onto a surface you can work with. I use a tin pie holder. Be careful not to use a plastic surface as the nail polish can eat through it. Once you have your polish drops work it with a toothpick or a dotting tool if you like. You want to mix it up like you are mixing dough for a recipe. This lets the air work into the polish and starts to solidify it.
When you work the polish keep checking it's consistency by pulling the toothpick up and watch for when the polish pulls up and looks stringy, like in the above photo. Now your polish is ready to work with.
Now drag the polish across your nail and continue to do that until you have the look you want.
And there you have it, sugar spun nails. I hope the instructions were easy to follow.
The polishes I used were a blue metallic shimmery polish by Kozmic Colours and Starry Sky by Avon.

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