Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nail Art Decal Transfers -Tutorial

Okay, my batteries in my camera died while I was photographing this, so some pictures didn't happen at all and others are not the best quality. It turns out I don't have any extra batteries, so I can't retake the photos. I'll have to head out today and get more batteries, sorry for the quality, I hope they aren't too bad.
So, start off with parchment paper and you might want to draw lines to help you keep things sorted. For the tutorial where I learned this please check out Nail Nerd's site:

So using clear polish create work areas for your decals. Here I have made four clear polish areas. Let this dry completely.
I started off using a dotting tool to put down the start of the shapes and then used a brush to complete the look. I decided to do the playing card symbols to put over my current holographic polish. I am doing this because it is the weekly challenge of the Nail Polish Queens community.

Here are the red card symbols, a heart and diamond done using Avon's Real Red polish (not photographed). You can see in this picture how I have done the decal on top of the dried clear polish I put on earlier.
Black dots to start off these symbols.
And here is a work in progress of these shapes. I used Avon's Licorice for these two (again not photographed).
Here we are with the four shapes complete. You can see that the spade is not perfect, but that's okay because I can cut the transfer with scissors later to remove any errors. I let these dry completely.
 So here they are dry and ready to be put on the nails. I am using just a clear polish to apply them so they will stick to the nail.
Using a pair of tweezers, find the edge of the clear polish base of the decal and work it until it comes loose. Then grab a hold of the transfer with the tweezers and carefully pull it off the parchment paper. I find this comes off beautifully.
As you can see it is coming off with ease, but I am still using caution and being careful not to rip the decal.
Here it is pulled completely off the parchment paper in one piece. 
Apply the clear polish to your nail where you want the decal to be and then place the transfer over it.
Carefully press down the transfer onto your nail and then trim it with scissors to fit.
And here it is on the nail with a little bit of overlap from the transfer, but that will wear off in time. The macro setting on the camera sees more than the naked eye. ;-)
So here again, we have the spade which didn't turn out exactly perfect and that's okay.
Not the best focus on this picture, sorry, but I just wanted to illustrate that I trimmed the spade symbol with the scissor to remove the error. I just simply cut it off.
Here it is applied to my thumb nail.
The diamond on my other hand pinky.
The club on the other thumb. You can put top coat over your transfer to help seal it in place, I did not do this with these particular decals because the top coat would ruin the holographic effect of the polish under them.
Not the best focus, but this is when my camera died and I had just enough juice left in the batteries to upload these photos to the computer. I didn't get a shot of my other hand. :-(

So go ahead and try this method. I find it works great!

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