Saturday, 29 March 2014

31 Day Challenge

I have joined a nail art challenge. I haven't done one before because I wasn't sure if my nails and cuticles could survive the wear and tear. I have decided to use white glue for my base coat, to save the trouble of having to use nail polish remover every day. With the glue, I can simply peel off the design and start the next one with minimal clean up and damage. I hope. :-D

This challenge was presented to us by +Mary Daniel at the Nail Polish Queens community on Google+ and a few of us have accepted the challenge. We start on April 1st. No foolin'!

So it will be a busy month here for April with posts everyday. I have already planned most of it out having tried to come up with different techniques and to use different polishes as much as possible, so you won't be seeing the same colours and designs over and over again. ;-) I think the inspiration section will be the most challenging of list as it will take a lot of freehand art to do, well that's because I don't use stamping. Wish me luck!

If you would like to see all the work that will be created for this challenge please click the links for the different blogs taking part below:
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