Monday, 17 March 2014

Venus with Bling

Trying to do nail art today almost had me in tears. I just couldn't get anything to work or look good. This is the best picture I could use of these nails as everything else looked awful. I'm not kidding. These nails only look good with the naked eye at a far distance, and even then, that's debatable. lol

I tried to do a negative space accent nail and failed at it four times, completely removing the polish and starting over every time. After four attempts, I gave up. That almost had me in tears. Then in the process of trying to add the gems onto my ring fingers, the tweezer got sticky from the clear polish and the gem stuck to them. It was a struggle to get the gem off the tweezers and onto my nail. I tried to clean the tweezers and it damaged one of my nails on my other hand. To top it all off when I was doing the clean up around these the polish on my nails was still soft and gooped up at the edges making them look quite ugly. ugh

The only place I could get any light to photograph these was on my cobwebby, cat hair covered window edge. It might have been good if it was Halloween. HA! - Oh what a day. The polish I used was Avon's Venus and then little rectangular gems from Cheeky.

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