Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day Thirty Inspired by a Tutorial - Splatter Saran

You can find the tutorial I followed here: Polish You Pretty Splatter Saran Tutorial

I was torn between two tutorials for today's challenge and my son asked me which one was easier and I said this one, so he told me to do it. Wise beyond his years. ;-)
I picked colours that I hadn't used for any of the challenges yet, except of course for the white background colour, which I chose to make the other colours stand out nicely.
This is a very simple design to do and quick, which is nice as I have been doing a lot of time consuming nail art lately. :-)
Avon's French White Tip was used for the base colour. The splatters were done using Sally Hansen's Posh Plum, Blue Frosting and Twist of Lime. The blue and lime polishes are two tone. You can see the purple shimmer in the blue polish. The lime green has an orange shimmer to it, which you might be able to barely make out in the photo.

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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Day Twenty-Nine Inspired by the Supernatural - UFOs

I love Forteana, so this was a great challenge to do!  :-D  UFOs are one of my favourite topics to read about and watch programs and things on. It's a lot of fun!
I took these pictures outside in direct sunlight to try to capture the holographic quality of the polish used to make the UFOs. Part of the picture is a little out of focus, but it wouldn't be a real UFO picture if it wasn't out of focus! haha
I thought this was fun to create and wear! The multi-coloured gems are cute and can either be lights or windows on the craft, whichever you prefer. :-)
I used Avon's Midnight Blue for the night sky background. The UFO's were done with Layla's Mercury Twilight. I added gems from Cheeky.

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Monday, 28 April 2014

Day Twenty-Eight Inspired by a Flag - Canada

Well, I had meant to do this look for Canada Day on July 1st, but I did it for today's challenge instead.
Not much to say about these. Luckily we have a fairly easy flag to copy, although the maple leaf can be a little tricky.
Avon's French White Tip and Real Red were used.

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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Day Twenty-Seven Inspired by Artwork - Salvador Dali - The Persistence of Memory

One of my son's favourite artists is Salvador Dali. He has liked Dali's art since he was a child, so I thought I would do a look based on The Persistence of Memory. You can find out more about Salvador Dali at this link:

I decided to do the sky gradient as the background for my nails and then split up the images onto my different fingers.
This took a very long time to do and a lot of nail polish colours. I totally botched the pinky nail with the mountain range. It is far too steep and large. Maybe I should go for some art lessons, to learn how to do these things properly. haha
I think I did alright for being unskilled and not having much talent. I'm sure a real artist could master this far better than my feeble attempt. ;-)
 I had some trouble photographing these nails, due to lighting issues.  I hope they are clear enough.
The polishes I used for the gradient were Avon's French White Tip, Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow and Avon's Cosmic Blue.
Other polishes used in order of the picture left to right: Avon's Licorice, Vintage Blue, Essence's Gorgeous Bling Bling, Avon's Grey Flash, Barefoot Beige, Sally Hansen's Golden-I, Celeb City, Avon's Tangtastic, China Glaze's Solar Power and Avon's Vintage Boutique and Bare Necessity.

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Saturday, 26 April 2014

Day Twenty_Six Inspired by a Pattern - Mirage Suns

Well I call this look Mirage Suns because that is what it reminds me of, a very hot day with heat waves around the sun.
I got this look again, from a picture online, which can be found here:
I think I did okay. I like this pattern and it was fun trying to re-create it.
The colours of polish I used were Avon's Barefoot Beige, French White Tip, and Tropical Punch and I used a black Sharpie.

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Friday, 25 April 2014

Day Twenty-Five Inspired by Fashion

I found this photo online while looking for images on Google and loved the dresses. I thought these were similar to the Avon Mystic nail polish colour that I love, so I wanted to try a look taken from the dress on the far left with the white squared and gems. This image comes from Vogue Black if you would like to see more.
I think I should have stuck to just doing the one rectangle and gem on each finger rather than the two I did on my middle finger. I think it would have looked better. Oh well, live and learn. :-)
Just different lighting in this photo to show more of the colour. I really love the colour of the Mystic polish.
Well you already know I used Mystic by Avon for the gorgeous base colour and their French White Tip for the rectangles. The gems came from Cheeky.
During my photo shoot, our cat Monster decided to interrupt the photography. I guess he wanted his photo taken, too.
So I took it. He's such a little brat, but we love him.

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Thursday, 24 April 2014

Day Twenty-Four Inspired by a Book - The Snow Queen

The Snow Queen by Hans Christian Andersen is one of my favourite stories from my childhood. Tried to come up with a set of nails to do for the book. I cheated a little and used some images from the 1957 animated movie for inspiration.
I know I'm not the greatest artist and that my style is rather immature, but I try. I am terrible at drawing people, never mind trying to paint them with nail polish. haha

Here we have the Snow Queen, then Kay with a red rose and Gerda with a white rose and the sleigh that the Snow Queen stole Kay away with.
In this crooked second picture I was trying to show the words on my thumb better.
Here is my copy of The Snow Queen displaying all the polishes that I used. This book has such beautiful artwork. I only wish I was half as good as this artist. Anyway, the colours used starting from the bottom left were Blue Water Lilies, Cherry Jubilee, Real Red by Avon, then Mellow Yellow by Sally Hansen, and then the Avon colours of Garden Green, Chilling Teal, French White Tip, Stunning Cobalt, Licorice, Bare Necessity, Barefoot Beige and Urban Grey.

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Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day Twenty-Three Inspired by a Movie - Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

Yes, I am a fan of the Japanese Godzilla movies from Toho and my son is an even bigger fan (my fault for raising him on them haha). So, of course I had to do Godzilla nails and I asked my son what he would like and he gave me instructions. I followed them and here are the results.
He wanted Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla both trying to blast each other at the same time. Their heads on my thumb and their blasts going across my fingers.
Godzilla has an electric flame blast and Mechagodzilla has a laser blast.
Close up of Godzilla's head. Not sure if you can tell I have lit up his spines as they glow when he blasts.
Close up of Mechagodzilla. Notice his laser blast is from his eyes.
Urban Grey by Avon is the colour I used for the background on all the nails.
The Godzilla polishes are Emerald Green by Nail Treats and Noir Emerald, Vintage Blue, French White Tip and Licorice by Avon.
Mechagodzilla's polishes are Sally Hansen's Celeb City, Avon's Gunmetal, Art Orange and Real Red.
For the blast, I used Avon's Shock, Garden Green, Sunshine, and Nail Treats Orange Orange as well as Avon's Real Red.

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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Day Twenty-Two Inspired by A Song - Yellow Polka Dot Bikini

Here is the link to the song, in case you would like to hear it while you check out my nail art today:

I chose this song so I could do an easy design today and because I wanted to do the bikini look. A little early in season for here in Thunder Bay, as we still have snow, but a cute look for summer and for those places that are warm enough for swimming outdoors.

The colours of polish today were Sally Hansen's Mellow Yellow and Avon's Barefoot Beige and French White Tip.

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Monday, 21 April 2014

Day Twenty-One Inspired by Colour - Colour Block

Well, we have started the last set of nail challenges the 'Inspired by' set. I think this will be the most challenging of the three sets. My colour inspiration is from a photo I saw online.The original photo seems to come from Grey Likes Weddings.
I tried to chose the nail polish colours that I had that matched these the closest. I then did a colour block design using them.
The colours used were Avon's French White Tip, Pastel Pink and Urban Grey along with Essence's Café Olé!

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Sunday, 20 April 2014

Day Twenty Water Marble

Wow, day twenty already! Time sure flies by quickly! This challenge has kept me busy that's for sure.
Just a simple water marble for today. I didn't do anything fancy with it. Love the colour combination, although the gold is next to impossible to see.
I used French White Tip by Avon for the base colour and applied two coats. I then used the Rose Amour, Pale Gold both by Avon along with Grey from Barelements for the marbling.

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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Day Nineteen Galaxies

Not much to say about this really. Just another version of galaxy nails.
Sparkling Sky by Avon is the base/background glitter polish I used. I then sponged Stunning Cobalt by Avon over an area of the nail. I dabbed a little of the white polish in the centre of the blue, so that the colour of the Sheer Rose by Revlon would stand out more over top of it. I then added some dots of the French White Tip by Avon to complete the look.

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Friday, 18 April 2014

Day Eighteen Half Moon - Negative Spaced

I tried to do negative space nails before and failed, so I thought I'd give it another go and I am happy with the restults.
It's hard to tell in the photo but the dark purple polish I used has a golden shimmer to it, so I used gold gems for a little bling to liven up the overall look.
The polish is Night Violet by Avon and the gems are from Cheeky.

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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Day Seventeen Glitter - Glitter Stripes

Another simple, yet effective look for today's challenge.
I think this design would be nice at Christmas time, with a silver or gold base colour. Today feels more like Christmas is approaching then Easter, due to the lovely weather we have outside currently.
Yes it is snowing here today. Just when I had gotten used to wearing shoes outside, it's back to boots! haha
Today's polish colours are Holiday Splendor by Color Club and Grey Flash by Avon.

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