Thursday, 10 April 2014

Day Ten Gradient - Half Moon Gradient

Once again I found inspiration from +Ruth Phelps here at The Adorned Claw! I found this look to be very eye catching and wanted to try it out myself, so I took advantage of that with this challenge. :-)
Unfortunately, my gradient was nowhere near as perfect as Ruth's! I liked the combination of colours, but somehow it just didn't seem nice enough, so I added the gems which topped it off nicely and helped to take attention away from the many flaws! haha
I used two coats of Pastel Pink by Avon for the base colour. I then used round stickers I had, cut in half to cover the half moon area at the top of the nail and sponged on a combination of Tweed and Rave both by Avon again. Finally, I placed a gem from Cheeky in the middle of each half moon to finish off the look.
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