Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Day Thirty Inspired by a Tutorial - Splatter Saran

You can find the tutorial I followed here: Polish You Pretty Splatter Saran Tutorial

I was torn between two tutorials for today's challenge and my son asked me which one was easier and I said this one, so he told me to do it. Wise beyond his years. ;-)
I picked colours that I hadn't used for any of the challenges yet, except of course for the white background colour, which I chose to make the other colours stand out nicely.
This is a very simple design to do and quick, which is nice as I have been doing a lot of time consuming nail art lately. :-)
Avon's French White Tip was used for the base colour. The splatters were done using Sally Hansen's Posh Plum, Blue Frosting and Twist of Lime. The blue and lime polishes are two tone. You can see the purple shimmer in the blue polish. The lime green has an orange shimmer to it, which you might be able to barely make out in the photo.

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