Friday, 25 April 2014

Day Twenty-Five Inspired by Fashion

I found this photo online while looking for images on Google and loved the dresses. I thought these were similar to the Avon Mystic nail polish colour that I love, so I wanted to try a look taken from the dress on the far left with the white squared and gems. This image comes from Vogue Black if you would like to see more.
I think I should have stuck to just doing the one rectangle and gem on each finger rather than the two I did on my middle finger. I think it would have looked better. Oh well, live and learn. :-)
Just different lighting in this photo to show more of the colour. I really love the colour of the Mystic polish.
Well you already know I used Mystic by Avon for the gorgeous base colour and their French White Tip for the rectangles. The gems came from Cheeky.
During my photo shoot, our cat Monster decided to interrupt the photography. I guess he wanted his photo taken, too.
So I took it. He's such a little brat, but we love him.

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