Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Day Twenty-Three Inspired by a Movie - Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla

Yes, I am a fan of the Japanese Godzilla movies from Toho and my son is an even bigger fan (my fault for raising him on them haha). So, of course I had to do Godzilla nails and I asked my son what he would like and he gave me instructions. I followed them and here are the results.
He wanted Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla both trying to blast each other at the same time. Their heads on my thumb and their blasts going across my fingers.
Godzilla has an electric flame blast and Mechagodzilla has a laser blast.
Close up of Godzilla's head. Not sure if you can tell I have lit up his spines as they glow when he blasts.
Close up of Mechagodzilla. Notice his laser blast is from his eyes.
Urban Grey by Avon is the colour I used for the background on all the nails.
The Godzilla polishes are Emerald Green by Nail Treats and Noir Emerald, Vintage Blue, French White Tip and Licorice by Avon.
Mechagodzilla's polishes are Sally Hansen's Celeb City, Avon's Gunmetal, Art Orange and Real Red.
For the blast, I used Avon's Shock, Garden Green, Sunshine, and Nail Treats Orange Orange as well as Avon's Real Red.

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