Saturday, 24 May 2014

X Men

We had planned to go see the new X Men movie today, but this got postponed until next weekend. However, I did my nails for it already. haha  <--loser

I just kept this simple and nothing seemed to go right when I was doing these. I had started off with black polish and freehand Xs, but that looked terrible, so I removed it. I then went with striping tape and a very dark grey instead of black. I had a horrible time with the tape because for some reason it wouldn't stick to my nails well. As you can see I did not exactly do a perfect job of lining up the tape either so the Xs are not centered. All of this hassle and a great deal of time involved and it turns out it was all for nothing anyway! lol
The polishes involved in this fiasco were Sally Hansen's Celeb City and Avon's Gunmetal.

Monday, 19 May 2014

Green Confetti

Sadly, my previous mani did not last long at all. I had read online that two coats of basecoat would protect your nails better and let your mani last much longer. Mine chipped horribly by the very next day, so I won't be following that advice anymore. In fact, the confetti nails chipped off in one big piece removing both entirely from my nails. I must say I was not impressed especially as my holographic nails chipped terribly too and that being my most expensive polish and my absolute favourite I had wanted it to last for a long time. :-(
Oh well, live and learn I guess.

 I decided to give the Green Confetti by Avon a try and kept this look much simpler. These sets of Sprinkle Nails (Confetti) by Avon seem to have three colours of beads in each set. This green set has green beads, silver ones and beads that appear a dark grey at some angles, yellow in certain light and see-through at other times. When they appear transparent it looks as though you haven't covered the entire nail with the caviar, almost like you have negative space. They are strange little beads that's for sure. I'm not quite sure if I like it or not. It's interesting that's for sure.
In this close up you can see how those third beads that I can't name with a colour look dark grey and yet at the bottom of the nail look yellowish. (Oh and notice how the grass is finally mostly green outside because spring has finally arrived and we didn't have any snow last week! Yea!  :-D)
I used Sally Hansen's Celeb City polish on all the nails and the Avon Sprinkle Nails in Green Confetti for today's look.

Friday, 16 May 2014

Confetti and Sand

I visited a local crafting shop a couple of days ago here is a link to their website: Unique Family Crafts and while I was there I bought some pretty pink coloured sand and a bunch of little charms and crystals I can use for nail art. I also recently purchased some of the new Sprinkle Nails caviar from Avon. I thought the sand on my pinky and the confetti caviar beads on my ring finger would look cute together.
Because there are silver coloured beads in the confetti, I thought I'd mix up the look a bit with some silver polish and then decided my silver holographic polish would be even better! I love holographic! hehe
Polish used under the sand and confetti as well as on my thumb is Fuchsia by Avon. The holographic polish is Mercury Twilight by Layla and the caviar is Pink Confetti Sprinkle Nails from Avon.

Saturday, 10 May 2014

Desperately Seeking Spring

The grass is just beginning to turn green and there are no leaves on any of the trees yet, so I decided to put spring on my nails to help cheer me up and to cope with the lack of spring outside. :-)
I painted my nails a pale blue to represent the sky, as we have had too many grey days lately. Then I painted green thin lines for grass and flower stems. I added flower gems for the finishing touch for a bit of fun rather than painting flowers.
Here's hoping we'll get spring soon and no more snow. The forecast is calling for warmer temperatures this week, so keep your fingers crossed for me. haha
I used Vintage Blue and Garden Green polishes by Avon and added the small pink and white gems from Cheeky and the larger pink flower gems from a kit I got from the dollar store.

Monday, 5 May 2014

Holographic Gradient

I love holographic nail polish!! I tried to create this gradient using the two holo-polishes that I have. It wasn't very successful.
The gradient itself is pretty and the colours work nicely together. However, somehow during the sponging technique the holographic effect was dulled down tremendously, which makes me sad. With a lack of sunlight my son and I tried to create lighting to show the holographic shimmer, but it didn't really work.
I used Layla's Mercury Twilight and Ultra Violet! I need to get more holographic polishes in different colours because they are so cool! :-D

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Day Thirty-One Re-create Another Challenger's Design

We switched Day Thirty-One to do another challenger's design that we liked, rather than repeating one of our own. I chose to re-create the look that +Keely Gallagher did for Day Six - Violet, as best I could.

Here is my version:
It is a little difficult to see all four colours of purple polish that I used, as it is a very dark, gloomy, grey day today. I think it shows up best on the pointer and middle fingernails.

Here is a photo of the nails that Keely did:
Her polishes are much more blue based than the ones that I have and her nails are obviously much longer than my stubs. This looks gorgeous on her.
Polishes I used from left to right: Avon's Romance, Luxe Lavender, Smoky Plumes, Midnight Plum and Essence's Space Queen glitter polish was applied overtop.

More Day Thirty-one looks can be found at these links:
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Hurray it's all over!! :-D