Thursday, 1 May 2014

Day Thirty-One Re-create Another Challenger's Design

We switched Day Thirty-One to do another challenger's design that we liked, rather than repeating one of our own. I chose to re-create the look that +Keely Gallagher did for Day Six - Violet, as best I could.

Here is my version:
It is a little difficult to see all four colours of purple polish that I used, as it is a very dark, gloomy, grey day today. I think it shows up best on the pointer and middle fingernails.

Here is a photo of the nails that Keely did:
Her polishes are much more blue based than the ones that I have and her nails are obviously much longer than my stubs. This looks gorgeous on her.
Polishes I used from left to right: Avon's Romance, Luxe Lavender, Smoky Plumes, Midnight Plum and Essence's Space Queen glitter polish was applied overtop.

More Day Thirty-one looks can be found at these links:
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Hurray it's all over!! :-D

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