Saturday, 24 May 2014

X Men

We had planned to go see the new X Men movie today, but this got postponed until next weekend. However, I did my nails for it already. haha  <--loser

I just kept this simple and nothing seemed to go right when I was doing these. I had started off with black polish and freehand Xs, but that looked terrible, so I removed it. I then went with striping tape and a very dark grey instead of black. I had a horrible time with the tape because for some reason it wouldn't stick to my nails well. As you can see I did not exactly do a perfect job of lining up the tape either so the Xs are not centered. All of this hassle and a great deal of time involved and it turns out it was all for nothing anyway! lol
The polishes involved in this fiasco were Sally Hansen's Celeb City and Avon's Gunmetal.

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