Monday, 15 December 2014

Five Gold Bling

Again, I did simple nails for the challenge. All painted gold except for the accent nail which has a white background and a little gingerbread man surrounded by half gold beads as a frame. I tried to make it bling with a Christmas theme.

Sorry for the different lighting in the photos, but it is a dark, grey, rainy day here today. I used Sally Hansen's Golden I on all the nails and Avon's French White Tip on the accent. I used gingerbread decals I made last year because I'm not having a great day and my attempts at painting failed greatly. I think the polish to make the little men was Forbidden Fudge by Avon, but I'm not 100% sure. The gold beads were from a small kit by Essence.


  1. Your Gingerbread man looks delicious :D
    The little studs go very well with this mani!