Thursday, 18 December 2014

Four Candy Canes

As you can see, I broke a nail and then cut back all the others to the same length. (I try my best to keep my nails the same length, as I tend to cringe when I see nail art pictures and the nails are different lengths.) My middle nail is the one that broke and it is a little uneven, but hopefully I will be able to fix that soon when it grows in a bit more.

For today's challenge I went with silver, as we did gold last time. (I prefer silver to gold actually.) I threw on some candy cane decals that I made last year as that was easier than making new candy canes. (lazy, okay busy, well a bit of both actually)

I don't remember the polishes I used to make the candy canes, although I could take a guess, but there is a chance I may have posted it in an early blog post. The silver background is Sally Hansen's Celeb City.

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