Thursday, 29 January 2015


Well, I tried to capture the gorgeous hologram sparkly microdots that look fabulous in the sunlight, but my pictures are a fail. :-(  I just couldn't show how fantastic they look. *sniff*

I am still sporting shorties, as my nails are having it rough this winter. Part of the problem may be that I am not the most self-pampering person, so I tend to neglect moisturizing and lots of nail care or skin care. You are correct, I should be more conscience about that, especially since I do a nail art blog. I try.
I used Avon's Celestial from their cosmic collection, which is supposed to hologram effect, but you can barely tell, even in direct sunlight. It's a nice colour though, and I thought it would be appropriate for this cold winter weather. I also thought it would be a great base colour for my new Northern Lights hologram top coat by INM. I used two coats of the Northern Lights as one coat just wasn't enough hologram sparkle for me!! :-)

Saturday, 17 January 2015

Tropical Treat

Well, my nails are in terrible shape and my cuticles aren't much better. However, I did purchase some new nail polishes online anyway. They were on sale. Of course, having new polishes I have to try them out.
(I apologize that my nails don't look very nice.)
This polish is Tropical Treat from Nubar. It is a very sheer polish. I am wearing two coats of it. It is a soft purple-pink colour, but in direct sunlight there is a reddish sparkle to it, that took me by surprise. I hadn't realized the polish did that, before I bought it. This is a lovely polish, for those days when you want something almost bare, but with a dash of flare.