Saturday, 14 February 2015


I found new polish while at the doctor's office. That may sound strange, but it is a new clinic that has opened up at the Superstore! So of course, after my appointment I went shopping and I knew I was being naughty, but I had to check out what nail polish they had. I'm an addict, I can admit it. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right? ha ha Only, I don't plan on a recovery from this. ;-)

I discovered the Joe Fresh line and found some adorable polishes that I didn't already own. Well, since I didn't have them already, I had to buy them to bring them home. I love them. Today I am sporting the Copper polish, which is amazing. It can look gold, copper or a blue-green depending on the angle of the light, so sometimes it looks like tarnished copper on your nails. Beauty!
I had tried to take different photos to catch each colour separately, but this photo showed them all in one shot, so I'll stick with this. This is all one polish, two coats of the Joe Fresh Copper. It is simply the angle of the light that makes my nails look like there are two colours on it. That is the colour shift of this polish. I am really happy with how the polish looks in the bottle in this pic, too, because it can be so difficult to capture the true quality of some polishes sometimes. :-D

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