Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Gradient Hearts

Obviously, I did these for Valentine's Day coming up, but I also covered the Weekly Challenge on the NPQ (Nail Polish Queens) which was to do a gradient. Nail Polish Queens Community Link <-- click the link to see the community or better yet join!

This isn't the greatest job, but it'll pass as good enough for me. haha I knew I wanted to make gradient hearts, but figuring out how I could do it, wasn't easy. I was going to go the tape route and cut out a heart shape of a piece of scotch tape, but that was a fail. Then I thought maybe I could cut out a heart shape from the sponge, but I figured I'd just mess that up. It dawned on me that a decal might work, so I gave that a shot. 
I simply did some gradient sponging of the two pink colours over a clear base on parchment paper and let it dry. I then peeled the polish off and tried my best to cut it out into a heart shape. Well, as you can see my hearts are slightly warped, and I made errors trying to stick them to the nail, too. But, ah, whatever, I think they look okay.

Today's polishes are Avon's French White Tip, a very old Single Stroke pink polish that I do not know the name of and Seduce Me Strawberry. I wanted to use the bold, bright colours, as I don't tend to wear them.

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