Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Metallic on Matte

Well, let me apologize for the mess my cuticles are in and that I wasn't able to do the best clean up job. I have such trouble cleaning up dark polishes. Sorry about that.

So I tried to do a metallic polish on matte base for today's design. Seriously, it was not my intention to end up with a design that looked like battling sperm. Sorry about that. lol

Ah, the thumb nail turned out the best out of all my nails, in my opinion. What was interesting is I used one of the suede nail polishes from a collection from Avon, for the base colour and it usually turns out to be fairly matte when it dries anyway. Today however, I wanted to try my new matte top coat out, so I used it over the suede polish. What is interesting is that this particular colour of the suede polish has a silvery finish to it normally, but with the matte top coat over it, the silvery look turned red which adds a gorgeous depth and more darkness to the polish.

Nail polishes used for today's design are Avon's Soft Violet, Sally Hansen's Celeb City and Avon's Lucky Penny. The matte top coat (not pictured) is from O.P.I..

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