Monday, 9 March 2015

Smoosh Attack Style

Well, this week's NPQ challenge is to do a new nail art style called Smoosh Attack. It is usually done with stampers, but I don't stamp, so I used tin foil and plastic food wrap.

Basically, you chose the colours you wish to work with and a base colour to make it stand out nicely first. I choose white for the base colour and selected peach, dark purple and medium green for my smoosh colours. Then I started out like I would for a gradient design, by placing a drop of polish of each colour onto the tin foil. Next, I took the plastic wrap and pressed it down flat onto the polishes so they blended ever so slightly. I then pressed this and smooshed slightly onto my nails.

I let them all dry, then did clean up, because this style is very messy. Added top coat and was done. This reminds me of the splatter technique, but it is a little bit different.

Today's polishes are Avon's French White Tip, Revlon's Provoke, Avon's Midnight Plum and Nail Treats' Emerald Green.

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