Sunday, 18 September 2016

Abstract Autumn Trees

With autumn just a few days away, and National Tree Day coming up, I thought I would try this simple look. I wasn't in the mood to do free hand art trees today. haha

I painted my nails with one coat of Vintage Boutique from Avon and then added the striping tape for the trunk and branches of the trees. I then added a coat of Bianco White Tip from Borghese to help the fall coloured leaves show up better. I then did a sponge gradient with Rimmel's Sage All The Rage, China Glaze's Solar Power and Avon's Coral Beat and Cherry Jubilee.

I hope these will last at least until Thursday because I have a special Tree Speak ceremony at a special willow tree here in the city to attend. We will also be feasting our sacred items that day because of the equinox. Here's hoping the weather and everything goes well for that special day!

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